Special Report

This is a special report by the International Council On Monuments And Sites on historical and listed buildings in Germany with special mention to Berlin.

"Contrary to most other European and overseas countries, the conservation of monuments in Germany is not centrally organised. Instead, in accordance with the German constitution and the independence of the 16 Länder (States) of the Federal Republic of Germany in cultural matters, the protection and conservation of monuments and sites are the responsibility of each individual Land, which itself pursues this task in co-operation with the towns and communities on a regional and local level. Since the German re-unification, this applies also to the five East German States on the territory of the former GDR, as well as to the State of Berlin. The former Central Institute for Monument Conservation of the GDR was dissolved. In accordance with this constitutional regulation, all German States have their own monument protection laws, which, although they have many important principles in common, take regional peculiarities into consideration: for example, the competence and regulations regarding the relevant authorities and levels of administration."
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